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Dear Google…

Dear Google, I have been happily using YouTube under the nickname/web-handle/pseudonym “Kobestarr” since I joined the streaming service in 2005. I chose not to use my real name for many reasons including wanting a modicum of anonymity and feeling that “Kobestarr” was a pithier, catchier and more distinctive way to represent myself online on YouTube […]

The Crappest CrApple App – Podcasts!

My last post here was about the CrApple Maps App that they forced everyone to use until Google saw fit to take pity on us and let us have their full featured app. I was never that bothered about the Maps app. OK things looked a bit hilarious time to time, but it still got […]

Apple have hustled Google!…

… am I the only one that thinks this?? After the release/relaunch/reboot of Google’s Map app for the iOS platform it shot to the top of Apples App Store charts with over 10million downloads in the first 48hrs just over a month ago. “Yay! Now we can get home in time for Blue Peter!”, no one […]

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #15

Holla! Yeah sorry about last week. I was mad skillz busy but i hope this makes up for it! If you like “Game of Thrones”, you’ll love it after hearing this!   Ha ha ha Happy Friday! Hollaback K*      

Breaking 2:30 Part #2: Blenheim Palace Triathlon Post Match Analysis

Holla! I don’t normally ask anything of all the lovely people that read the antics on On this occasion I would like to say that my good friend Mo “Paulie Walnuts” Khurana (I don’t normally give peoples real names in posts but its important), who did the Blenheim Palace triathlon with me and will […]

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #14

The new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, is due out in the next two weeks and I have been searching for trailers online as I cannot wait -although please don’t let it be too long eh?! In my search for Batman I found this lil gem! Hope you enjoy! Happy Friday Folks!! hollback! K* […]

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #13

Holla! I would like to thank Jay B (distant relative of Jay Z – 25 times removed – geddit? :-)) for marvelous bit of silliness. I hated this band when I first heard them on the radio. Then when I saw their videos I grew to love them. If are every in a bad mood […]

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #12

Ok! Follwing on from the football based idiocy of last week we are keeping it in the world of sports but going a lot dirtier and deeper! There’s a lot of good rugby tackles in there considering there is no rugby actually shown! Happy Friday K*

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #11

A football based comedy special in light of England’s impending game with against Sweden tonight as part of Euro 2012. I wonder how many of these “hi-jinx” the clown posse can get involved with tonight. That said – best of luck guys “Come on England, COME ON ENGLAND!!!” K*  

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #10

He gets the Roadrunner. He actually gets the road runner! A life’s work is complete! Ok i’m off to jump onto a plane to jump into a lake near Oxford for a dumb triathlon…why oh why do I do this to myself?? Happy Friday folks! K*