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Kobestarr’s Friday Comedy Moment #7 (on a Sunday)

Happy Friday folks (on a Sunday)! Today we are going to do one of my favourite things ever – mocking and judging without without experiencing. I have never watched the ridiculofest that is “The Titanic “. There are just so many things about it that rub me up the wring way, from the oh so […]

Kobestarr’s Friday Comedy Moment # 6

Guys!! I have been away the past two Fridays! I haven’t forgotten you- please don’t feel neglected. I will give you the two missing Friday Comedy Moments just as soon as my life calms down a bit in June! I have a genius one for you this week – for those of you that like […]

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #5

Happy Friday Kobestarrians!! Well I hope you have had a great week? Im looking forward to a nice long weekend of university work, with a swim and a film mashed in there as well. What is your chat? For this weeks comedy moment I wanted to lay down some Flight of the Conchords. I speak […]