Kobestarrs Tunes of 2010

So TwentyTen is dead and gone and now is the time that millions of people around the world are going to the gym for the first time in a year as part of their “New Year’s Resolution” to get fitter, slimmer and more pert. Have fun with that! There’s no better way to inspire you to head for few more gym sessions or runs than Continue Reading

Vampire Weekend: Giving Up the Gun – Music Video

In my life I have come up with many ideas for music videos - if you ever meet me you should ask! I have forgotten a fair few, but I know sure there are some corkers still there in my brain somewhere. I can tell you though that even with my hyperactive imagination and penchang for the ridculous, I could never have come up with a video as random as Continue Reading

Vampire Weekend: Cousins

http://kobestarr.com/sites/default/files/music/07.%20Cousins.mp3 This is the second single from Vampire Weekends second album "Contra". The album is slower paced than the first but this single "Cousins" is a throw back to the African-punk stylee of the first. Don't expect the rest of the album to sound like this but its well Continue Reading