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Social Media in the Community Part 1: Introduction to The Kolibri Project

Part of the MA in Social Media course that I am undertaking at Salford University is a semester long Community Project. It is here that we team up with an institution, be it a business, charity or academia, that wants to expand their use and knowledge of Social Media to raise their brand awareness and […]

The Wombats @ USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway, 22 March 2011 The Wombats step out to the Norsk crowd with big grins on their faces. They obviously have a game plan of how they want the night to go and by the looks of them it was something like “let’s just have as much fun as possible!” The Norwegian crowd are mashed in tightly together […]

Silje Nes @ Garage, Bergen 17th Feb 2011   At last Tuesdays Norwegian class we were asked to sit in groups and talk about what we liked to do in our free time. All in Viking of course! One of the girls, Lizz, in our group was telling us about how she likes going to gigs and she would be going to […]

Casiokids: Fot I Hose I was lucky enough to work in Bergen, Norway’s second city, meeting some quality people and seeing some beautiful sights. I was always aware of Bergen’s fertile music scene  was evident in the city's vibe and producing Kings of Convenience, Royksopp, Bart and The Betties. Casiokids can now be added to that list of […]