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2011 Album Preview: Part Two

Yo! Its time for the second in this years albums to listen to care of JP and Kobestarr. Have a gander play and listen to the tunes! The Strokes: Angles The Strokes will always be special to me. I fell in live with them at the same time I fell in love with my wife. […]

Kobestarr’s Monthly Playlist: December 2010

 HEY!!! So once again I must apologise for being late with the postings here. Norway has me busy as a motherhubbard plus I still don’t really know how to use my new comp (I converted to a Mac as part of my turning 30 life crisis). Anyways here is the playlist for this month and the […]

Philadelphia Grand Jury: The Good News It's a bit of overkill for one post but these guys are awesome so I have uploaded the mp3 and two videos. You have to at least check out the first video which is them doing Jay-Z's "99 Problems" after a short funny interview on an Aussie radio station. "Philadelphia Grand Jury" are an […]

Rage Against the Machine vs Jay Z On Sunday 6th June JJG, Glen, SMCT, Sangue Bom and I went to the free Rage Against the Machine in Finsbury Park in Cockneyland. We were there to celebrate, along with 40,000 the fact that common sense and decency prevailed in the face of the Music’s arch nemesis and heel lifter Simon Cowell was […]

Galactic Empire State of Mind

This is for all lovers of Jay Z and of Star Wars. The guys and gals at College Humour have gotten their heads together and come up with pearler. They have parodied the magnificent Empire State of Mind and put an excellent video together with breakdancing ewoks, rebel fighters and stormtroopers. Darth takes the helm […]

Jay Z

Two years ago Oasis songwriter, Noel Gallagher, openly slated the Glastonbury organisers for choosing Jay Z as a headliner. What a dick! And that's coming from an Oasis fan. So what happened? Mr Z steps up to the stage at Glasto 2008 pretending to play the guitar to Oasis' "Wonderwall" as if to say "I […]

Lostprophets and LMFAO: Empire State of Mind – BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Its cover versions like this that make me love BBC Radio 1's Live lounge. Welsh rock band Lostprophets (all one word) collaborate with Los Angeles electronic hip-hop band LMFAO to cover my favourite tune of 2009. LMFAO are the made up of Redfoo and Sky Blu who are the son and nephew of Motown […]

Jay Z : Empire State of Mind This was my favourite song of 2009 and needs no introduction. In the car, in a bar, in a club and at home this is a big tune and makes sing out loud. I put this on here so now I can enjoy this at work (at lunchtime of course), at least until I […]