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Silje Nes @ Garage, Bergen 17th Feb 2011   At last Tuesdays Norwegian class we were asked to sit in groups and talk about what we liked to do in our free time. All in Viking of course! One of the girls, Lizz, in our group was telling us about how she likes going to gigs and she would be going to […]

February and March Spotify Playlist

Sooooo I gave you all a fair amount of time to absorb the phattest tunes of last year! So much so that I am late in delivering the Feb playlist to y’all. So what I’m gonna do is hand over the Feb and March list together! Hows that for compromise? Once again click any of […]

Ghostpoet: Cash and Carry Me Home I just can’t stop listening to this song. DAYUM! A different cut, slice or chop hooks me in further and further with every listen and when the end comes. I hit replay. I have to. Understated beats and a deep but gentle vocal delivery describe your man Ghostpoet and his music. In an era […]

Yasmin: On my Own Now I’m here dancing about in the Viking heartland that is Norway one lady keeps on hitting the airwaves more and more. Robyn. That Swedish dudette is killing it out here. I and i'm almost sorry to say but I love it! I kept on thinking that there was a huge gap in the […]

2011 Album Preview: Part One

This year should be an ace year for music with lots of big albums. "But which ones will be awesome and which ones will be gash?" you ask. Have no fear JP and I have done the work so you dont have to. This is the first of a few album previews.  The GO! Team: Rolling Blackouts […]

Antonio Paul: City Dreams Sweet new music from a band that happen to be from Australia! Which is only a surprise as when I heard the song “City Dreams” I thought that they were clearly from the South-East of England. As City Dreams kicks in you can see why, with the high tempo sampled drumming, staccato chord riffs […]

Kobestarrs Tunes of 2010

So TwentyTen is dead and gone and now is the time that millions of people around the world are going to the gym for the first time in a year as part of their “New Year’s Resolution” to get fitter, slimmer and more pert. Have fun with that! There’s no better way to inspire you […]

Elbow: Lippy Kids (Live) Halla Balla!! The “Chrimbo Limbo” and the turn of the New Year always encourages the most random, poignant and reflective of conversations. Maybe it’s the mince pie hangover or going cold turkey following a poultry overdose or the sudden realisation that the resolutions that you set for yourself are all but up in flames. […]

Paul Smith @ Deaf Institute Manchester 2nd December 2010 The start of 2006 saw Arctic Monkeys ignite their rocket launchers, setting their sights on the stratosphere and creating the biggest media buzz since Justin Timberlake got Janet Jackson’s right titty out during the 2004 superbowl. Ha! That was funny! They didn’t have an album out at the start of that year yet tickets […]

Kobestarr’s Monthly Playlist: December 2010

 HEY!!! So once again I must apologise for being late with the postings here. Norway has me busy as a motherhubbard plus I still don’t really know how to use my new comp (I converted to a Mac as part of my turning 30 life crisis). Anyways here is the playlist for this month and the […]