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The Crappest CrApple App – Podcasts!

My last post here was about the CrApple Maps App that they forced everyone to use until Google saw fit to take pity on us and let us have their full featured app. I was never that bothered about the Maps app. OK things looked a bit hilarious time to time, but it still got […]

Apple have hustled Google!…

… am I the only one that thinks this?? After the release/relaunch/reboot of Google’s Map app for the iOS platform it shot to the top of Apples App Store charts with over 10million downloads in the first 48hrs just over a month ago. “Yay! Now we can get home in time for Blue Peter!”, no one […]

Is the Apple iPad blendable?

So the UK version of the iPad is due to come out at the end of May and there are many questions about its features. How big is its memory? Does it have apps? Can you watch videos on it? What do the photo's look like? How long is the battery life? There are many […]