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Top 10(ish) films of 2012: Part 2

Hey so in time honoured tradition I have to name my worst film of 2012 before revealing the second half of the best of list. Worst Film of 2012: Savages – In “Savages” director and part writer, Oliver Stone, takes a good basis for a story, throws in a few big names and manages to […]

Letter to Kermode and Mayo #4 ContraBRAND

Holla! This is a few rapid fire posts right here! Two letters to Kermode and Mayo in one week?! Thats how i’m rolling on this sunny Norwegian day… This is the review that i left on the Kermode and Mayo Facebook page. For Marky Marks Latest Film “Contraband” that I saw last week. I will […]

Films of 2010: Part Two

OK ok ok ok! It's time for the second part of the show! The part you have waiting for…the second part of kobestarrs films of the year! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I think its only fair to start with the most gash film of last year… The Worst Film of the Year: The Expendables The Expendables should have […]

Top 12 Films of 2010: Part One

Its the time of the year that you clear out all of the crap that you collect and in doing so I came across a load of the tickets to films that I went to last year. Que a lil reminisce and debrief. Here follows a two part countdown of the best films of 2010 […]

Top Ten Films of 2009: Part One

I plan to review the best of the films that I watch both at the cinema and on DVD, TV and Bluray on a monthly basis. As this site is pretty new and there haven't been many films to watch so far this year I thought I'd start with a Top Ten of the films […]